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Styrofoam Clouds

I had created a dystopian plastic world that I called ‘Plastopia,’in my effort to highlight the copious amount of waste that we generate (western society) via our mindless consumption habits. In my effort to highlight this problem, I too was being complacent in my choice materials and as a consequence, I am now committed to up-cycle the refuse that has come out of this work. One problematic material that I had up-cycled for ‘Plastopia’ was Styrofoam-peanuts. Although there is an environmentally friendly brand (made from cornstarch), the most popular choice is its light-weight cousin, which is non-biodegradable and not recyclable in many Canadian jurisdictions. As soon as I am ambulatory, I am interested in continuing the work that I had begun last summer with this ubiquitous material that finds its way into our ecosystem via our garbage dumps. The next helpful step will be to consider a possible venue.

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