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Artist Statement

Elizabeth Babyn

Artist Statement
I obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in 2005. I worked and taught as an artist in Caledon Ontario, before moving west to Saskatoon in 2011. As my interest shifted from painting to sculpture and installation, I completed my Master of Fine Art studying and creating contemporary sculpture at the University of Saskatchewan. Whether creating intuitive non-objective paintings or making installation and media-based art work I have always viewed the art making process from a meditative, spiritual and holistic perspective. In the last several years much of my work has revolved around my core belief of our interconnectedness, to each other, to nature and to the universe. I became interested in mathematical theorems that metaphorically explore this interconnectivity, through metaphysical ideas contained in “sacred” geometric figures and fractals. Over time, these ideas gradually worked their way from being motifs in underpaintings to conceptual ideas that I have incorporated in installation and media-based work.
As my research progressed, I began noticing contradictions about presumed truths that I had held. I identified overconsumption as a significant impediment that interfered with the spiritual connection that I was seeking. This growing awareness prompted my desire to better understand consumption and its artistic ramifications, and was instrumental in propelling me towards a different approach in my research. My own overconsumption highlighted a void that I was perpetually trying to fill and also accentuated my own apparent disconnect from the harmony that I was seeking. This theme continues to drive my current art explorations.

Artist Statement: Featured Work
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