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My Lazygirl Studio

I broke my right ankle a couple of weeks ago and as a result my mobility has been somewhat limited. However, I have come to recognize that there is a silver lining in this experience! I have been forced to buckle down and work on this website and blog, something I have been meaning to get going on for at least a year now! I guess I have my injured ankle to thank for getting it under way!

The inability to walk or drive to the studio, has been more frustrating until a couple of days ago while cleaning the kitchen counter while on my knee scooter. As I emptied the groceries from a clear plastic bag and the grapefruits from the red netted bag they were encased in, I got the idea to explore these materials to see where I might take them. I have been intrigued by netted bags in the past, guess this was the time to begin! I grabbed scissors and a crochet hook and began to work away in my Lazygirl studio. All I can tell you at this point is that my head is exploding with all kinds of possibilities! I will have to ask my dear friends to start collecting netted bags for me!

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